Wealth managers perform better with Brain

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Brain vs. internal data projects

Faster time to production
Improvement in productivity
Project cost savings

Brain features

Instant Intelligence

Make simple, smart predictions

Turn your data into user-friendly insights in a few clicks to guide your next best action.

A prescription with every prediction

Brain’s explainable AI gives advisors the reasons behind every recommendation.

Integration on your terms

Use Brain’s CX application or integrate it on your own CX platform and cloud provider.


What Brain does best

Cross sell & Upsell
Cross sell & Upsell

Increase your revenues by predicting which clients will respond best to cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Targeted product recommendations
Targeted product recommendations

Improve the performance of your campaigns by identifying which clients are likely to take an interest in a product and why.

Churn prevention
Churn prevention

Retain your clients before it’s too late by quickly discovering who is most likely to leave and why.


Why Brain?


Essential for growth
Essential for growth

Use cases for AI can be unclear. Brain specialises in helping wealth managers attract and retain clients. It’s AI to help you grow.

Empowered advisers
Empowered advisers

AI is not typically advisor-friendly, but Brain’s explainable AI makes hyper-personalized insights understandable and easier for advisors to act on.

Efficient returns
Efficient returns

Data projects tend to eat up time and budget. Brain simplifies and automates the creation and maintenance of insights, saving you time and money.

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We founded DreamQuark in 2014 to help financial institutions use artificial intelligence without the complexity, inefficiency, and poor transparency that still remains today.

Since then, our growing team of talented and passionate people have helped the world’s most successful financial institutions in Europe and Asia to scale AI with trust and transparency and achieve higher returns in the process.

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