Our Challenge

How can we better analyze the large amounts of data collected until today, and help the insurance, financial services and healthcare sectors invent better data intelligence ?

Our Technology

DreamQuark puts its intelligence into developing the best algorithms, to detect, very efficiently, rare and otherwise invisible phenomena in a wide variety of data types (images, texts, audio files...)

Our Solutions

DreamQuark develops a platform to facilitate access to this expertise of large datasets analysis by offering a transparent solution, with results accessible to all types of business users.

Our Challenge

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    Reducing costs - AI has shown very efficient results at identifying costs across the value chain. Use cases include fraud detection, churn analytics, risk pricing, product segmentation and customer qualification. By gaining a better understanding of their costs, and prioritizing accordingly, professionals will be free to take on a more strategic role.

    Targeting Emerging Risks & Product Innovation - New risks are emerging in financial services, and analyzing these trends to evaluate if there is a fitting insurance market for these risks is now a natural machine learning task.

    Automation - AI is improving abilities in customer interaction, resolution times, and delivery speed to market of new products. This efficiency is the result of AI accelerating decision-making (automated underwriting, auto-adjudicating claims, automated financial advice).

DreamQuark envisions to help professionals benefit from the latest advances in machine-learning to create more intelligence from their datasets. Our mission is to empower the next generation of prevention, prediction and segmentation tools using data-related technologies.

Our technology

    As former particle physicists, we use our expertise of large datasets analysis and efficient algorithm design to reinvent how data analysis is performed in the insurance, financial services and healthcare sectors. We know how to deal with complex signals, and how to detect even the smallest, invisible effects. Yet, our expertise is not enough, and we believe that it is the business knowledge of our clients' experts that give the final value to the results obtained!

    Deep-learning models can be tricky to explain. We worked to develop a solution that not only comes up with results, but also explains the process through which a decision was reached. Learning which element triggered the decision will be a decisive factor in understanding your results, and focusing efforts on key parameters.

    We currently develop technologies related to deep neural-networks with sparse architectures that can unveil new patterns inside the input data. This sparcity allows for an higher accuracy and speed. This work combines our knowledge of theoretical physics and artificial intelligence. We apply these new models to both structured and unstructured data, and we transform the initial data in order to create a perfect match between the data representation and the algorithm we want to finally use. Our goal has been to combine different algorithms to benefit from the different characteristics of these algorithms and create analyses that can easily generalize. We embed these algorithms, first trained on specific datasets, into innovative applications for insurance, financial services and healthcare professionals.

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Our solutions

Everything starts from your data:

Images, time series, texts, audio recordings, Excel files... We treat datasets of all sizes, both structured and unstructured. We also automated a large part of the data pre-processing in order to obtain your results faster.

We learn from your data and your expertise:

We develop Brain, a plateform for business users to train and apply models to their specific business case. Our clients are able to build dedicated models quickly, and to easily update these models with new data when needed.

We help you play with your model:

Our platform is a White box: every decision made by the model can be explained, thanks to visualizations illustrating the variables responsible for building a specific model, a specific cluster, or even a specific profile.

Build new strategies and products:

We help you embed custom models in your digital systems or infrastructures. You can also use the model data generation abilities to explore new scenarios and build new strategies.


Our Unique Team


They believe in us:

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  • A CUSTOMER: If you are facing a challenge with the analysis of your data, and want to have a dedicated team eager to develop cutting-edge technologies in machine-learning and data analysis, and apply these technologies intelligently on your datasets, then you have found the right company ! Just send us a line to explain your problem, we will soon come back to you to help you tackle your challenge.
  • AN INVESTOR: If you want to invest in our company, we are looking for investors who share our values. Any investor eager to participate to our endeavour will be warmly welcome.
  • A TEAM MEMBER: We are looking for bright, enthusiastic and highly-motivated individuals with a passion for complex challenges. If you feel you have the grit to join our team, then contact us.