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Brain, the AI software to solve all your business needs

Focus on Financial Industries




Find quick ROI anywhere in your organization

Sales & Marketing

Customer Segmentation
Product targeting
Asset purchase prediction
Cross-sell, upsell targeting
Churn prediction


AG2R La Mondiale built an anti-churn application that scores and clusters customers for running preventive micro-campaigns.


Contract compliance scoring
Anti-money laundering alert
Fraud detection
Dunning & recovery
Credit Scoring


A tier 1 bank built a fraud application that identifies >40% of credit fraudsters detected too late.

Finance, Legal, HR

Asset Management
Portfolio segmentation
Legal Q&A


A large insurance company made early detection of stock behavior changes during downturn to optimize portfolio financial decisions.



Create and deploy business applications in a few clicks

Load use case data, select and review transformed variables

Launch automatic training of the model

Visualize performances and characteristics of trained models

Apply prefered model on new data via an API integrated in your processes

Leverage our breakthrough proprietary Deep Learning

  • Benefit from years of in-house research
  • Find hidden relations in the data
  • Make fast predictions
  • Manage structured data and time series

Interpret AI decisions transparently

  • Understand what was important to create the model
  • Explain individual decisions of the algorithm to customers and regulators
  • Identify bias to correct them before going live
  • Track changes in model and data which are securely stored in one single place
  • Manage projects in compliance with new regulation such as GDPR
  • Benefit from best scientific practices such as results traceability and repeatability

A team structured around our customers & products

Bringing a wealth of expertise & experience, our team constantly questions and challenges itself to provide enterprises with the best product

Nicolas Meric
Nicolas MericCEO
Nicolas is the founder of DreamQuark. He came up with the idea during this PhD in particle physics, and decided to develop a solution that would benefit from the performance of deep learning, accessible to all. He is passionate about his team and vision.
Camille Morel
Camille MorelChief Customer Officer
Camille is a graduate from EMLYON and LSE. She takes care of our customers and brings their voice to all our projects. Shops at Naturalia sometimes, mostly to pretend.
François de Lescure
François de LescureChief Sales & Marketing Officer
François came to DreamQuark with about 10 years of AI software solution sales and marketing experience within Nokia. He is graduated from INSEAD and Ecole Centrale de Nantes. Any of his spare time is usually spent between community associations, refurbishing a farm, kids, tennis courts and fly fishing.
Georges Destriau
Georges DestriauCFO
Georges brings his 20+ years expertise of leading finance and development in global, complex, intercultural and fast changing envrionments to support DreamQuark’s growth strategy, including people management. In addition to skiing with the family, he especially enjoyed when living in Switzerland, Georges has a strong interest in geopolitics.
Benoît Schmauch
Benoît SchmauchChief Research Officer
Benoît is a graduate from Ecole Polytechnique and has a PhD in theoretical physics. He spends most of his time trying to match solutions to problems and vice versa. He enjoys cooking experiments, exploring cities and taking pictures.
Jérémie Abiteboul
Jérémie AbiteboulChief Product Officer
Jérémie holds an engineering degree from Mines ParisTech and a PhD in computational plasma physics. When not busy building the perfect product for our customers’ need, he can usually be found drinking beer at a concert.

Our Vision

DreamQuark envisions to create a universal Artificial Intelligence that one day will equal and even outperform human intelligence. In this vision, AI brings a new era of unlimited applications that go beyond our imagination.

Because DreamQuark is driven by the challenge of making the impossible possible, the company built a dream team composed of the best scientists and engineers in the field. This elite squad spend days and night creating the most advanced algorithms and pushing deep learning potential way further raising the bar higher than ever.

Major banks and insurances are already benefiting from DreamQuark state-of-the-art technology. The company started to first bring its expertise to this market since Financial Institutions are the most AI demanding businesses but DreamQuark knows this is just the very first applications of its technology infinite potential.

Let’s challenge Tomorrow!



Join the team

Join us on our journey to build the AI of the future!

Whether you are a software engineer, data scientist, sale or marketing, DreamQuark is always looking for bright and highly-motivated individuals with a passion for complex challenges.

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