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The right alert
to the right investigator
with augmented information

Next-Best-Action for AML Investigator Teams


Years of proven experience

Who we work with

Since 2014, we provide banks, insurers, and wealth managers in Europe and Asia with Artificial Intelligence engines that increase investigator teams satisfaction and efficiency by reevaluating, prioritizing alerts and furnishing augmented information.

What is Next Best Action (NBA) for AML ?

Next Best Action for AML is a suite of NLP and scoring solutions that evaluate criticality of AML alerts, prioritize them and furnish additional information to facilitate their treatment.


Remediation time & cost reduction

Our NBA engines are powered by
“Brain” our leading-edge AI technology ​

Since 2014 we have been developing “Brain”, our award-winning platform addressing the whole machine learning value chain.

“Brain” can process extensive data-sets of structured and unstructured data and build advance AI models that evaluate, prioritize and explain actions by investigator teams that are most useful to process efficiently AML alerts. It also identifies and extract internal and external information to facilitate the closing of the alerts.

“Brain” integrates the most advanced explainability, security, compliance and ethics requirements.​

Our NBA engines are SaaS solutions that easily integrate into your IT environment.

You can think of our NBA Engines as AI factory-in-a box. Inside them, we automate the different machine learning tasks required to generate Next-Best-Actions for AML investigators such as data collection, data preparation, model training, selection, deployment and monitoring as well as their scheduling and integration.

High Quality Prediction

Our engines automate data transformation, assembly and parameterization of models identified by our experts to provide high prediction performance.

High Scalability

Our SaaS approach makes it easy to orchestrate our engines within containers allowing for high scalability and the design of many applications.

Advanced explainability & observability

Every prediction generated by our engines is fully explainable; once in production our engines benefit from advanced observability functionalities.

Integration with your tools

Thanks to secured APIs, our engines easily integrate with your existing tools and platforms to quickly enrich the advisor's experience.

Increasing compliance and investigator satisfaction

Systematic description diagnostic of past behavior | Prediction of future behavior | Prescription to address behavior

Data quality

Better data quality
Remediation of duplicates
Dreamquark's Next Best Action for AML enriches the AML Teams' view with information from the web via its NLP to reduce search time

Automatic control

Implementation of new triggering thresholds
Better prioritization of alerts according to business KPI's
Dreamquark's Next Best Action for AML verifies and controls transaction-related content with contextual information.


Optimized processes
Calibration of alerts
Dreamquark's Next Best Action for AML identifies more precise, dynamic, actionable target profiles


Reduced time spent searching for information
Identification of the riskiest customers
Dreamquark's Next Best Action for AML prioritizes action on the most critical clients and activities

We have a practical understanding of your business processes

Contrary to generic providers of AI software, we have practical business expertise in insurance and wealth management and are solely focusing on these industries.​
This unique positioning allows us to speak the same language as yours and to understand your operating environment.
We can identify and answer AML use cases and accompany you in your investigation process in accordance with regulatory constraints

Thank you for your interest in our solutions ! We would be pleased to discuss about equipping your Advisors with our NBA engine or personalizing your client journeys with AI.

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