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Brain Business Studio

The user-friendly "Brain Business Studio" solution makes AI accessible to as many roles as possible by allowing users untrained in data science or coding to discover it.

 It allows them to easily develop business applications that improve the speed and quality of strategic, financial and business decisions, improve customer understanding or help identify the most relevant marketing strategy. 

What is Brain Business Studio ?

Brain Business Studio is a powerful SaaS solution allowing even the non specialists to initiate and carry out explainable machine learning projects

Load and explore data

Loading, profiling data, advanced statistics, problem detection and quality level

Build sophisticated models

Access to broad algorithmic coverage, testing and iteration, model training and threshold optimization

Make predictions

API activation, score generation and predictions, individual explainability, simulations


Monitoring models and scores, sharing and viewing exportable results

What you can do with Brain Business Studio

Each business expertise has its own unique way of contributing to the value chain. Brain Business Studio offers everyone multiple opportunities to increase their added value

As an analyst, use the power of ML to detext, classify, explain, predict or simulate key dynamics or trends in your business.

As a Marketing/Product Expert, use the power of ML to improve your segmentations, identify new desirable features or design client-centric campaigns.

As an Investment Expert, use the power of ML to challenge your analysis, to score financial instruments or to strengthen portfolio construction.

Why you should provide your teams with Brain Business Studio
Learn, practice, collaborate and exploit the power of machine learning

Marketing analysts of an insurance company

Success: Testing new variables and detecting weak signals on the best prospects to contact

Digital transformation team of an insurer​

Success: Accelerate the processing of document flows in France and abroad​

Actuaries of an insurance company

Success: Experiment with machine learning, test uses cases and progress in a Data Driven program

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