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Personalization Engine

"Personalization Engines" integrate DreamQuark's expertise in artificial intelligence, software and wealth management into innovative and co-created software engines.

They increase user experience and satisfaction throughout various customer journeys, for example by suggesting the best action, product or content.

61 %

Source: McKinsey, Dreamquark

Of wealth managers view analytics and creating personalized insights from data for clients as very important for their firms

Many wealth advisors struggle to manage the vast quantities of data needed to deliver optimal investment advice to clients.

ML Personalization Engine

An AI factory-in-a box

Inside them, we automate the different machine learning tasks required to personalize steps of a client journey such as the data collection, the data preparation, the model training, selection, deployment and monitoring as well as their scheduling and integration.écran-2022-07-18-à-11.34.26.png
What you can do with our Personalization Engines.

Individually or in combination, our Machine learning can help you personalize the key steps of in of your client journey and ensure the right engagement is delivered, at the right level and the right time.

Identify needs and goals

Behavioral / Advanced segmentation

Contextual communication / Offering

Research and evaluate options

Product recommendation

Next best offer

Implement solution

Next best action


Experience solution

Next likely question

Next best communication

Next best action

Evaluate and revisit

Sentiment analysis

Attrition risk

Why you need Personalization Engine

Boost your NPS and Productivity using our solutions

Do you believe next best action technology will help the advisory process and client relationship ?

Fully 55%
Partially 36%
Possibly 9%
Source : Refinitiv 2021
Collate and reconcile

Collating and reconciling disparate sources of information, both external and internal, can lead to a host of positive outcomes for both wealth managers and their clients.


As proven in other industries, the next logical step is to combine this data with client data and truly personalize the client investment experience.

Why you should work with us
Wealth Management

We have a proven expertise in identifying and answering personalization use-cases along investment and insurance client journeys.


Data science

Our engines incorporate the most advanced data preparation processes as well as leading algorithms and explainability features.


Software design

Our engines are easy to integrate and maintain; they are built with the latest technologies in MlOps and software.


Our team combines deep expertise in data science, wealth management and software.
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